We Work Hard & Aim to Please

When I heard about Beth's new business, I was so excited for her, because I knew it was a perfect fit for her and her team. Beth is skilled, and knowledgeable in many areas that match this business, and her team has the perfect complement to those skills. More importantly, Beth is friendly, genuine, a good listener, with true integrity. She is pleasant, has an inner peace and confidence, that draws others to her. She takes responsibility in the things she knows, and has curiosity in the things she wants to learn more about. She has a lot of energy, and likes to get the job done. She is a self starter, but not a self promoter, and allows others input, if and when needed. I would, and have thought about using Beth for certain business transactions myself. I would and will recommend Beth to anyone I can for her business. I have known Beth for approximately 31/2 years, working closely together, two to three times a week. I have gotten to know her well. I use to teach nurses, and would have to evaluate their character, and skills. I am glad to be doing this character reference for Beth and her team, because I see the potential, and she is a quality person.
Susan Strohm
In the 2 years, I’ve known Beth I am very impressed with her enthusiasm and the energy she puts into everything she does. She is very engaging and genuine in all her relationships. Her broad base of many experiences and hands on expertise gives her the tools needed to successfully accomplish all the projects in this business venture. She is very insightful and always direct in dealing with issues. She has set high values and expectations for herself and her team. The members of her team bring their individual talents to add to the diversity and resources available to accomplish great service to every customer. Her leadership skills and positive attitude will bring her team together to bring you satisfaction in a job well done!
Rosemary Hosey
Retired Hazardous Material Project Manager, Boeing
I have had opportunity in the past 3 years to work closely with Beth and members of her team. She operates in a level of integrity that is rare to find in these days, in her personal as well as professional life. Her word is her bond. She would go the extra mile to find solutions to accomplish what she puts her hand to. Her attention to detail is exceptional. I will absolutely recommend Beth and her team to any of my friends, family, and business clients in need of of their services.
Kathy McCrory
I have known Beth Eaton for 7 years. My observations of her make me glad to be a friend. We work together weekly and I have found her to be a woman of integrity. She is dependable and determined to do her best with what she puts her hands to. She is innovative and has an excellent work ethic. She is trustworthy and respectable. What she says she does. I recommend Beth, and her team.
Donna M. Hopper
Over the past 3 years I have been honored to get to know Beth and work closely with her. There are many words that come to mind when thinking of Beth. Two primary ones are honesty and integrity. She also has a stellar work ethic and her attention to detail is impeccable. It is comforting to know when dealing with Beth that there is a strong foundation of trustworthiness which puts me at ease. I would not hesitate to recommend Beth and her team to anyone I come in contact with, whether new acquaintances, friends or family, who are in the search of Real Estate Services.
David McSwain
We have known Beth Eaton for the past 6 years in a variety of capacities, and find her to be ethical, honest, and trustworthy. She is very organized and hard-working. She is also efficient, detail-oriented, and extremely competent. She is reliable, and goal-oriented. Beth also has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. She has been involved in several different enterprises, and has accomplished all she has set her hand to. We feel certain that anything Beth sets her mind to she can accomplish. She embodies the word integrity. She is fair, ethical, honest, trustworthy, and responsible. In summary, anyone would do well to consider Beth and her team for their business needs.
Vern and Kathy Tolson
I recently sold a property to Beth Eaton and her team. We came to terms on the property and 3 weeks later the transaction was complete! Beth is a great communicator, a pleasure to deal with and she's very much on top of her game! I would not hesitate to do business with her team again in the future.
Dan Lindgren
Grays Harbor County Assessor
Beth and her company bought my family homestead in Elma giving me her top price. She, Dale, Jeff, Paige and the crew are flipping this old 100 Year old cracker box house into a thing of beauty. And it is exciting to see the care and respect they have for the home and property. Beth knew my folks who had owned this property since the mid 1940s and it is a joy to see the hard work and care it is receiving. Beth is very knowledgable about the entire process of purchasing and selling properties. She and Dale are people of integrity and great faith and it already has been a pleasure to meet them and experience first hand Dale and Jeff's rehabbing skills. Please consider them for your property needs. I highly recommend them. LouAnn Houle retired pastor Elma, Wa.
My parents just purchased a charming home restored by Beth and Dale and they could not be more pleased! You can count on honesty and integrity when dealing with Sun Spot Property Solutions.
Wyatt B.